David Cowles
was born in Rochester, NY in 1961.
  An award winning illustrator and animation director, Cowles has worked for such magazines as Entertainment Weekly,The New Yorker, Rolling Stone,Vanity Fair, Fortune, and Time.
  He has created a pilot for Playhouse Disney and videos for They Might Be Giants, Sesame Workshop,Toyota and thetruth.com, among others.
  He has two kids, Clayton and Alison.
  David currently lives and works in Rochester, NY.
Alison Cowles
was born in Rochester, NY in 1992 to two artist parents. She attended Pratt MWP for a year and a half before jumping into the world of the
working artist.
  She has done illustrations for The Baltimore Sun and Fast Company Magazine, as well as character design, album art and puppeteering work for They Might Be Giants. Alison has also contributed her songwriting and performing talents to six videos for Sesame Workshop.
  Alison Cowles currently works and resides in Rochester, NY.

David and Alison teamed up in 2013 as TV show co-writers/character designers/creators.


Coming Soon...

Click on "Boots", the kitty featured to the right, to check out the progress on Alison and David's current project! It's a pilot short for Frederator Studios and Cartoon Hangover entitled (you guessed it...) "BOOTS"!

Representation: Chatrone, LLC
David Cowles: dvdcowles@yahoo.com
Alison Cowles: alisonbcowles@gmail.com